How Long Does It Take to Forget the Smell of Someone Who You Loved ? / 2021

About This Project


A photographer is in search of a woman in the past. He is commissioned by a collector of unanswered letters. The sender is known; the receiver isn’t.

Director / DoP / Edit / Colourist / Script : Hesam Rahmani
Producers : Hesam Rahmani / Shiva Hosseini
Production Company : Crows Film Studio
Cast : Pooyan Mokri / Mahmoud Nazaralian
Sound : Jaber Ansarian
Sound Mix and Design : Saman Shahamat
Composer : Jason Van Wyk
Visual Artist : Hamidreza Monsef
Assistant of DoP / Photographer / Poster Design : Babak Tehrani
Assistant of Directors : Babak Tehrani / Masoud Einabadi
Letters : Saeed Aminabadi

2021 / Work in progress
Genre : Avant-garde / Experimental

Avant-garde, Experimental